The CashLink Accounts system is divided into the following sections:

Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, General Ledger, Word Processing, Stock Control

(It is available for both Single and Multi-User (networked) operation)

Additional Modules are also available as follows:


Sales Ledger

The Sales Ledger within CashLink Accounts is extremely comprehensive. It maintains credit accounts for your customers, keeps records of their details, provides reports of their balances and the age of debt at any time, analyses account turnovers and the total turnovers between any two dates into 512 possible categories. Using the ledger you may produce invoices, statements and a range of useful reports. Transactions are entered onto the ledger immediately and automatically update the General Ledger.


  • Very quick - name and address details entered automatically
  • Allows plain or pre-printed paper, single or multiple copies
  • Allows prompt payment, line and overall discounts
  • Allows long descriptions and multi-line narrative entries
  • Stock items may be mixed with non-stock items and narrative entries
  • Up to 150 items per invoice
  • Automatic invoice and credit note numbering to any format
  • Flexible format - allows for a mixture of whole number & decimal quantities on the same invoice
  • Quotations & pro-forma invoices may be produced
  • Invoices may be printed as entered or saved on disk for printing later
  • Immediate updating of stock levels, customers' accounts and General Ledger on invoice entry


  • Statements. These are available at any time on plain or pre-printed stationery and can be produced for any range of accounts or sorted by account groups or age of balance
  • Daybook listings: Invoices, Credit Notes, Cash Received, Adjustments. All daybook listings can be produced daily or between batch numbers. Invoice listings can include all, unpaid or overdue invoices
  • Sales analysis. A breakdown of turnover into 512 categories (daily, between two dates, or by batch numbers)
  • VAT analysis. Up to 10 rates are allowed including zero and exempt items
  • Balances owing analysis. This includes turnover for current period, year to date and aged balances. Analysis is over 64 account group codes and of individual account turnover, over sales categories
  • Control account. Summary of sales, cash received and balances for the current period
  • Audit Trail. Every transaction and item is entered onto disk. This allows for detailed audit and checking by VAT authorities
  • Named accounting periods
  • On screen account comments (with alerts) and notepad for each sales account.
  • Consolidated Accounts: multiple accounts can be linked to a single account for producing statements, whilst keeping detailed sales analysis for each branch.
  • EC sales reports
  • Foreign Currency conversion
  • Optional retention of full detailed Account History for up to 25 periods
  • User defined statements and price lists (in addition to invoices)
  • Account name, phone number, fax number and address indexing for improved and faster account searching.


  • No need to remember account names and code numbers
  • All accounts accessed by part of name or address of account holder as well as by account number
  • All analysis categories accessed by description or code
  • General Ledger postings are automatically governed by analysis codes so no need to remember General Ledger account codes and layout
  • Account, stock item and ledger card enquiries can all be made from anywhere within the Sales Ledger - even in the middle of an invoice
  • Complete copy invoices can be produced on the printer or viewed on the screen, even months after the original was produced.
  • Allows complex discount structure related to individual accounts and/or individual stock items
  • Individual accounts may be treated as either open item or balance brought forward
  • The ageing periods can be defined by the user
  • All reports can be printed or viewed on the screen or saved to disk for later printing or for modification with the Word Processor


  • sales analysis categories
  • account groups
  • VAT codes
  • cash types


  • Handles up to 30,000 credit accounts and up to 240,000 active transactions per period

Purchase Ledger

This ledger maintains records of all your Suppliers. Here you enter details of transactions with suppliers, print remittance advice slips, analyse purchases over 512 categories (128 categories for Release 3) and produce reports including balances on suppliers accounts. All transactions automatically update the Stock Control system and the General Ledger.

Features: This ledger has the same features as the Sales Ledger

Reports: Every report in the Sales Ledger has a corresponding report in this ledger

Analysis: An additional 512 codes are available for analysing purchases and 64 purchase account groups


  • Handles up to 30,000 credit accounts and up to 240,000 active transactions per period.

General Ledger

The General Ledger is automatically updated by the other accounting ledgers and gives you an overview of your accounts, as well as valuable management information. An up-to-date Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account can be produced at any time, as can special reports, defined to suit your own operation.


  • Free format account layout
  • General Ledger accounts can be accessed by number or description
  • Purchase and sales analysis codes can be allocated to any General Ledger account
  • Can handle up to 8 cash or bank accounts, allowing easy management of banking and petty cash
  • Your position with the bank and creditors is kept up-to-date with every entry to the Sales or Purchase Ledgers
  • Reports can be produced for current period or year to date
  • Budget figures can be included on all the main reports
  • Journal adjustments or cashbook entries can be made directly into General Ledger accounts


  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Operating Statement
  • Special Reports. The user may define special reports
  • Account Listings. Transactions on any account can be listed by batch totals or with full details of every entry, including invoice number and description of item.
  • VAT Summary and Analysis. This will produce all figures necessary for filling in VAT return forms including goods and VAT values for up to ten rates
  • Audit Trail. A complete list of all entries to the General Ledger


  • Allows up to 1024 General Ledger Accounts and up to 100,000 transactions.

Word Processor

CashLink has a full Word Processor, with versatile editing and printing features. You may use it independently for letters or memos, or in conjunction with the accounts for advertising mailshots, letters to debtors and so on. Names, addresses and account details can be extracted automatically and reports sent directly to the Word Processor for editing. Mailing labels can also be printed. Extensive mailmerge facilities include separate data files, on screen prompting for variable data and multiple copies.


  • Wordstar* compatible: uses standard print and editing commands and can edit and print WordStar text files
  • Can be accessed from any part of CashLink
  • Special 'Notepad' for jotting notes while you use CashLink
  • Reports may be transferred to other programs such as data bases or spreadsheets

Editing commands:

  • block moves and copies
  • read block from or onto the disk
  • no limit on line lengths
  • find and replace
  • paragraph reform
  • Full range of format and printing commands:
  • page headers and footers
  • variable margins
  • right justification
  • bold, underline, double width,
  • super and subscript printing
  • Prints mailing labels
  • Help screens for all commands. Any CashLink report may be 'printed to disk', edit and reprinted with the Word Processor

*Wordstar is a registered trademark of Micro Pro International Corp.

Stock Control

Some businesses can use the CashLink Stock Control system as a simple product file for recalling descriptions onto invoices. Alternatively they can use it as a full Stock Control system to keep track of stock levels, values, turnovers etc. All these are automatically updated by transactions on the accounting ledgers so reports always contain the latest information.


  • Use your own stock codes with up to 21 characters and/or numbers .
  • Retail and cost prices can be updated automatically from new prices on sales and purchase invoices.
  • Stock levels are automatically updated from invoices and delivery notes on Sales or Purchase Ledgers.
  • Each stock record holds a description, product group, unit of sale, location, prices, discount factor, supplier code, re-order level, purchase and sales analysis codes, monthly stock and current stock, item turnover.
  • Stock levels can be held in decimal or whole numbers
  • Manual stock movements can be entered directly for losses, write-offs etc.
  • Option for fast entry of stock levels after stock taking in location or item code order
  • Any report can be made to sort items into any order, for example, by product groups, location, or by supplier. Your preferred order for any report can be saved permanently.
  • Assembly items (Parts Explosion)
  • Up to 4 decimal places available for cost prices
  • Multiple Suppliers
  • Multiple Stock locations
  • Alternate stock code can be used for barcodes, or as a supplier part reference
  • Stock Notepad with alerts available held for each individual Stock item
  • Pricing tables (price matrix) for special prices.
  • Special 'Pack' pricing
  • Extremely fast Item lookup with multiple word indexing


  • Re-order report
  • Stock valuation
  • Stocktake lists
  • Price lists
  • Stock Usage report
  • Profit report
  • Stock detail listing
  • Stock movement audit trail
  • Stock ledger cards
  • User defined options for most Stock reports.
  • product groups
  • unit of sales codes

  • Handles up to 30,000 individual stock items and 50,000 manual stock transactions.